Marketing Ideas & Templates

Marketing Ideas

  • Offer as campus or school professional development opportunity or learning badge

  • Require completion as part of OER grant or stipend contract

  • Use as required workshop component for Open Textbook Library textbook review stipends

  • Include in OER promotional materials, events on campus, and campus participation in national events like Open Education Week

  • Share as a follow up learning opportunity after on campus promotion or education event.

Marketing Templates

Promotional Description

MI ExplOER is a free, self-paced, online course that provides an introduction to many aspects of OER and their use in higher education. The 8 modules in the course will teach participants to:

  • Define Open Educational Resources

  • Explain the rationale for OER adoption and use

  • Explain the differences between types of Creative Commons licenses

  • Identify repositories and other resources for finding relevant OER

  • Use tools and criteria to evaluate OER

  • Recognize steps and associated criteria for adapting and creating OER with proper attribution and licensing

  • Understand the process of creating and sharing open educational resources

  • Review the current landscape of OER in Michigan

Participants who complete the course and pass the final assessment with 80% or higher will receive a certificate of completion, and may earn CEUs.

Promotional Content

  • Google Slides for sharing with campus decision makers

    • Match the look and feel of the tutorial

    • Slides include:

      • Overview of OER - what, why, etc

      • Intro to modules - all on one slide

  • Flyer for MI ExplOER

  • MCO OER Infographic